Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sadness Falls

Poochie Poo had to be put down.
R.I.P. Pooch!
Mar. 1 2008- Feb. 28 2009

Ill post some of his pictures when blogger decides to act right



  1. POOP! This really sucks, I hope you guys are doing okay...

  2. Know how sad you feel - I had to put my Pepe-Ann (daushund) to sleep forever as her spine gave way. She is still fresh in my mind and I miss her alot. My peace of mind is that her ashes were scattered in a rose garden at a pet cemetry and its a place where we can actually go and sit and remember. This place is looked after very well. Hope you are well as we all read how M is doing. Happy Blessings on your fostering - enjoy it as much as you can.....Charm