Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks new friends from SITS

Tomorrow is "the" day.. Pray all goes well.
M's o2 has been down today =( I think the highest we got was a 94 boo.
BUT I just know tomorrow is going to be good! I have all of you guys praying for us ( which I am so very thankful for ). Anywho we are praying he can do the 6 min. walk with the pulse ox on and he will stay higher than 95 pray pray pray!!! He feels good CF wise but hes still very anti~oxygen and down in spirits.. I did however convince him to try on the new crest white strips

Needless to say that wont happen again =) It was quite entertaining tho

So I already had like the greatest followers ever and then I found the SITS blog and joined and now wow!! Those girls are AMAZING..Im still not real sure how the whole thing works but Im learning so be patient =)

Pooch News

Poor Poochie Poo is still quite terrible...He now has stopped grooming himself along with not eating or drinking..He did however jump up on the bench today for his nap which he has not done in a week or so..maby just maby hes gonna bounce back =/ Im sure not ready to put him down!
Anyway just a quick little post and now Im off to laundry, dinner and treatments.


  1. I sure hope all goes well for you and your hubby. Here are some good thoughts coming your way.

    A fellow SITSta just coming over to say hello and welcome you to the club ;)

  2. a fellow SITsa stopping in to welcome you to the group.
    hoping all goes well for you and your hubby.

  3. Pooch! Hang in there! Michael, I hope your 6 min walk goes well and I pray that your PFT's go up and stay up! Kellee, I also love SITS!! How fun it is and my blog traffic has gone up so much!!

    Keep us posted about M's 02 sat.

  4. Good luck to Michael! Hope all goes well.

    Your cat is beautiful!

    Welcome to SITS!

  5. I'll keep your husband in my prayers.

    And poor Poochie Poo.

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member since last summer, and I love it. I've read so many fun blogs, met some amazing woman, and really enjoyed the support of being in a female blogging community. Welcome aboard!