Friday, February 20, 2009

Let me just say

Apparently this nasty comment blogger person dont like that I background check any and everything I post about CF that I out right have not up close and personal exp. first hand.
Let me just re state ( since I have already said in a previous post )
If you ask me a question I will answer to the best of MY ability.
If I do not know I will
A. Ask M if he knows
B. Ask Dr.Sindel ( CF Doctor )
C. Tell you the little I know
D. Tell you I dont know

Forgive me for not saying this sooner

******* If I can find a site that says what I need to say just in "proper" form then thats the version I will give you.. Example : Kellees verison on "general info on cleaning and taking care of the port"
Make sure the area is clean..clean the port site..make sure you have the right needle..mess with it as little as possibe..keep air out of the line..blah blah blah
Then there is the long drawn out post that says all the same stuff just in detail and verbatum, sometimes its directly off papers that the home health place gives me sometimes its a website and then sometime I can find exactly what i need in proper form and that when you get Kellee version ( hence me describing the "white thing with a green knob" and "clamp thing" in the pics. for the port post*******.

I absoloutly do look up everything even if I already know the answer I like to make sure my answer is generally the same as clinical studies, proven facts, per cf patients or from a doctor.

No where in this blog do I say " Hi Im Kellee a cf expert and everything I say is right from my brain and its always correct"
I do however tell you my OPINION and as much as I can when you ask me a direct ?
I do NOT advise you to do something health wise "Because Kellee said it was a good idea in her blog"

If you do not want my opinion or shared info. then perhaps you shouldnt be reading my blog.

For the rest if you thanks for the awesome comments I ♥ U Guys!!


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  1. That person left a comment on my blog and I am deleting it. I have no idea who she is and she doesn't seem to have a "profile". I would ignore her for now. She is obviously someone who has been around to know all about the Pepe scandal. I am not sure if you are aware of that scandal or not. If not I have a few posts on my blog about it.

    I am sorry this person is out to get you, whoever they may be. Though I am weary about people I don't judge immediately and let their actions dictate if I will become suspicious. I am not of you :)

    Good for you for making sure info is correct on your blog. It is always important to do so!!!