Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tag Im It

At the request of my love, Sara....

O.k. so the rules are...once you have been tagged you have to post a blog with 20 weird things/habits about yourself.
At the end of the blog, you must list the names of the 6 people that you are tagging.

Probably the WEIRDEST thing about me is that I have a "bend" phobia-- I know, weird, huh?!
I dont like anything or anyone to touch any bend in my body ( behind the knees, inside of the elbow etc..)

I am a child of God

My heart belongs to the one and only Michael Perkins

Im very much addicted to softlips chap stick

I absolutely LOVE to belt out songs in my car while I'm driving, so when a car passes me, I keep singing but I put my cell phone up to my ear so it just looks like I'm talking on the phone!! Ha ha ha!!

I really get grumpy if I get hot or my hair frizzes up.

I really enjoying cleaning my house

I am more than likely the most compassionate person you will ever meet.

I have a awful smell complex.. My uncle Jason called me smelly Kellee the garbage pail kid when I was little and it really gave me a complex! I dont go anywhere with out smell good stuff on, in my purse, car etc...

Im very logical, ditzy and romantic

Im more of a saver than a spender

Some of the people that know me best tell me Im the real life "Mary Poppins"

I am always the last to figure out whats so funny =)

I have more medical knowledge in my brain than most people think

I google everything

Michael and my brohter Caleb are truly my BEST FRIENDS

Nothing makes me happier than M feeling good and my house being clean and smelling good

I still get nervous when we got to Dr. Sindels office and I dont want to go to the hosp.

Im a planner.. The events of my day are always planned however with a cf most plans go out the window

Outback and jolly ranchers can always make me feel better

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