Friday, February 20, 2009

No good Friday

Ahhh I just typed this whole blog and my computer shut down!!!
Ok so everything was going good today until I checked my blog and saw the "Nasty blog comment lady" she calls herself "Amanda Smith" anyway she tells me I part of a "pepe saga" and I should stop it... Yea I was Pretty lost at this point... Anyway she tells me how I should not tell you guys things that I copy from the internet about a port.. I try to e mail her to sort this out but ( shocker here ) she dont have a profile or a e mail address or even a blog.. ( draw conclusion here ) so laa dee daa I continue with my day after posting explaining myself to you guys about my information and opinions.. We go to the doctor and find out M's FEV1 is bad ( 2.05 ) but better than 2 weeks ago.. We also learn more about the o2 stats being low.. Conclusion is iv's for another week and 6 days wort of exercise to pull the stats up or.. OXYGEN.. Im sure some of you are thinking oh ok well thats alright... WRONG in M's mind getting oxygen at 24 means hes fixing to die.. Dr. Sindel and I explanined thats not the case but hes not hearing of it..
The whole time I have known M I have not 1 time seen him upset due to CF.. Until today.. With his upsetness also came a bit of "giving up".
Please pray this passes soon and he will over come this.
So we come home start pm meds,
dinner and I log on to blogger... Here I find several comments and e mails letting me know that "Amanda Smith" has contacted my followers and that they are sorry shes being nasty to me.. One blogger buddy (AMY) told me I could read about the "pepe saga" on here blog ( until this point I didnt know it really existed ) so I find it and read, look it up and read some more...WOW wow wow wow.
Im so sad anyone could/would do something like this..
Im sad the world has people like that
Im sad anyone thinks I could do something like that.

So with that being said I MUST MUST MUST say
I am real.. Im really Kellee and the love of my life REALLY has CF.
I wish it was fake.. I wish it was fake everytime he coughed up blood, spit out green and brown stuff, couldnt breath, lost a friend before they turned 25, had to take 50+ pills in a day, had low pft's, worried about insurance, couldnt participate in certian things, got CFRD, had to check his sugar, went to ICU, coded, couldnt move due to RA, needed oxygen, worried about food intake, sat on the toilet for an hour, had 10 sinus surgeries and more than ANYTHING I wish it was fake when he had his own funeral planned at 16.
But its not..its not fake at all..its my life and I love it.. I embrace it and I learn from it.
How could I not?? Hes my ♥

I WILL NOT defend myself from this nasty comment lady named "Amanda" anymore.. I WILL however pray for her.. I will pray that she finds happiness within herself.. I will pray that she finds something more productive to do with her time (idea.. raise awarness for something like cf rather than a blog she "wonders" about) I pray that she not feel the need to drag not just me but anyone down with her self misery and last but not least I pray that while shes visiting blogs and downing me she finds a link to donate for a cure =)

Alright guys Im off to make M eat "real" food... He seems to think this qualifies

Hey atleast hes happy about something today!!

Oh and for Pooch.. well hes just Pooch..

Hes taking his cancer meds ( with much fuss ) and seems to be a tiny tiny bit better!

I swear every picture I post of him on here is a dif. one but you would never know it!!!


  1. Please don't worry about Amanda. You have to let the bad comments go. I have only gotton one bad comment, but it was a good one! But I couldn't let it beat me up, I had to let it go and just pray for that horrible person.

    I think you are doing a GREAT JOB!! Don't listen to Amanda.

    Praying for you both,
    PS. What kind of Vest does M have? My son has a Hill Rom and it looks so diff than M's.

  2. Hey this is J, Graciy's hubby.
    Don't listen to negativity or pessimists, it never helped anyone. Just be happy and enjoy the lil things in life and all is swell!

    Dude I know about the wafers. It's been a while, but I've done that about a dozen times in the past and when you're hankering for it, it's gooooooood.

    You're kitty makes me miss my kitties.

  3. Here's my take on it. If anyone questioned you at all, they should have come to you through email privately.. not as a comment under your post, and they DEFINITELY shouldn't have gone after your followers, but unfortunately, they did and there is nothing that can be done about it. I'm sorry it made for even a more lousy day for you. :( As if CF didn't give us enough. Yes, a lot of people were burned by Pepe, but that doesn't mean you should go around questioning everyone that comes into this community. It's hurtful for someone trying to open up, become friends with others, and share their lives to get such a negative comment. I'm really sorry you had to deal with this. I do know that most of us in the CF community would never do that!!!

    I'll be praying that Michael doesn't need O2 anytime soon and the IV's work their magic. :) Hang in there girl. I hope you have a terrific Saturday!!!

  4. I knew about the Pepe thing and it really did a number on so many. It was awful. I'm even more suspicious and paranoid than I was, but not to the extent of Amanda. Just try to "blow her off" and not let her get to you.

    It's common for us to think that O2 means were near the end of our life. I was surprised when I improved enough after a couple of mos. on it that I could go off of it. (Now I'm back on it.) I guess when M feels miserable enough he won't mind it. That's how I got. He'll learn it doesn't mean he's near the end. It means he can do a little more and feel a little better.

  5. I love you! People have to much time on their hands just let it go! Ctrl Alt delete her :) LOL

  6. Ewww! What a mean person! I had someone question the validity of my blog a few months back and I didn't let it bug me. I'd be the first in line to trade off my CF for a normal life, so the fact that someone thought I would fake it just cracked me up. Some people just have no lives, so don't let it bother you. You're pretty fantastic, in my opinion. :)

  7. Hey..I got the comment about your blog from her on my blog! Having followed your blog for awhile...I knew you were real and that she was lying. I think she purposefully tries to find blogs and convict them of posting un-true information. Don't worry about it. It will all be ok..praying everything will work out! Like everyone else has said...why would someone lie about having CF??? It just doesn't make sense!

    Oh..and Pooch is precious!