Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can anyone answer?

Alright guys I have tried and tried to put this off for as long as possible.. but now I need to know.
Michaels o2 stats are lower than normal ( for him ) and have been for 2 weeks now.. Like I said I guess you could throw out that "denial" word but Ive really made myself believe they would come back up..
They are hovering around 90.. Normally his is 97-98
Hes been on iv's for 1 week now and they are still that low.
Is it oxygen time?
Can we bring them back up?
If so how?

Sorry Im sure this is very scatter brained but Im just scared and lookin for answers as quick as possible.
Thanks in advance.



  1. My thoughts is supplemental O2 for sure, and a call to the DR.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, my new blog friend :)

  2. I would say yes. For now, until the bug he has passes, then it would probably be helpful to wear it at night. I always had a more "restful" sleep since your 02 level goes down when you sleep. Hang in there.