Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Blowing

Yay!! Today went well!
His pft's were actually the exact same BUT his x ray from today held up to his x ray from last week showed a whole section of lung that was filling with air and last week that whole section was blocked off with mucus and inflammed to the point of being "usless".. It was AMAZING.. I have never seen that so it was super cool to me.. Normally I just know if the x ray looks good or bad and if the pft numbers are ok, good, bad or whatever.
His 6 min. walk was good.. Last week his o2 went from 89 to 92 and today it went from 93 to 97!! Thank you all for your awesome prayers =)

Even though the apt. for M was good my ♥ hurt so bad for this family in there.. They were not american and knew very little english, they brought in a baby ( Im guessing like 6 months or so ) and she was on the vent and in a stroller and the mom just looked so tired and they were scared and upset so that was relly sad but then... We were in the room waiting on Sindel to come back in and I heard the nurse telling the family that they were going to have to go to the hospital and the lady was not understanding and just kept wanting to know why the hospital and the nurse tried every way possible to explain and so anyway someone ended up telling the family the little girl was dying. It was awful and I thought it was so tacky to just tell her that when it was odvious she was upset and confused already.. yea so theres my sad story.

Poochie Poo actually played with a fly that got inside today.. He only swatted at it 3 or 4 times and had to lay down panting but hey atleats he played!! Thats the 1st time in almost 2 weeks he has played or even acted intrested in ANYTHING.. no cat nip.. no temptations.. no tuna and he has not even wanted to play with the laser so now you see why Im so excited over that stupid nasty fly lol.

Ok so now...
Im excited!! We have good news BUT I cant spill yet.. soon I will be able to tell all ;)
I will however give you 3 hints
1. We have waited over 8 months for this
2. I have only blogged about it 2 or 3 times
3. I will STILL be the only female in the house
Any guesses?? Ill give 50 Kellee points to the 1st to get it right?!? Be excited =D

Anyway off to do my nightly duties as a CF wifey =)
Oh and Graciy if you read this Ill text you in a bit my phone went dead sorry.



  1. The suspense.... I can't wait! maybe your getting a boy pug?

    Yay for flys!! Never thought I would say that!

    I am glad M's apt went well!

  2. I'm so glad Michael's appt went well. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are getting a new male cat?

  3. Welcome to SITS! Hope you get lots of comment love :)

    I'm guessing that.. your ... adopting? No idea. lol

  4. I so cheated last night and I can't wait till you can tell evryone the good news! By the way I did dance in astronomy and people did look at me like I was nut! My phone died also so your not in trouble. I'm sure your going to have your hands full even if it's not like you thought you would. I bet this is going to be way better.... do I still get the Kellee points I have been hoping to use them at camps to make you do something really silly kike chubby bunny!