Monday, February 23, 2009


Yep thats me...slacking!
We have been very un busy yet I still havent blogged.. boo for me.

1st I MUST say my followers are the greatest!! Thank you all for the sweet comments reguarding "Nasty comment lady" Im glad Im not the only one that feels lying about CF is one of the most un heard of awful things EVER!
Can you imagine the KARMA thats would come back from that 1?!?!? geeze

So I am very very happy to say M's o2 hit 97!!!! Thanks for thr prayers..please keep them up!
We went outside and got some good exercise yesterday and it really seemed to help with M's energy! He even felt well enough to skate, sing to the top if his lungs " under the boardwalk" , have dinner with Cream, help me put shelves up in the utility room and convince our waitress he was a "real" ghostbuster and went around eliminating Mobiles ghost problems with a "real" proton pack!! Yep that my M and hes odviously feeling better!

So I know Ive been telling most of you I was going to show you guys the inside of the new house BUT I really need you to understand that I am way way way OCD and really cant function unless everythings "right" so let me get all my pictures up and my utility room stocked and then I PROMISE I will give you a tour. =)

Pooch news
It seems like most of you guys worry about Poo just as much as M lol! Thanks =)
Poo's not so good..He goes back to the doctor on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Im kinda scared. We ahve been giving him all his meds and he seemed a little better for a day but now he actually seems worse.. He just lays around and pants all day =(.. Hopefully we will know something tomorrow and it will be good =)

Anyway on to clean and boil nebs!


  1. WOW!! 97% Way to go!!!
    I hope Poo gets better soon:(

  2. Hope Poo gets better. You could post some pictures of Poo since you aren't ready to show your house...