Saturday, February 7, 2009

CF input please..

Is ibuprofen good bad or even ok for a cystic??

Michaels cf doctor says its ok, his ra doctor says ok but I know I have been told by a cf doctor that its not...
Pretty confused???

Any personal exp. or stories or opinions would be wonderful.



  1. I used to take ibuprofen frequently before my transplant. My doctor never told me not too or warned me against taking it. I didn't overdose on it, but did use it for aches and pains. I'm not allowed to take it now (post-transplant), because it can damage our kidneys and interact with our immunosuppresent meds. So if a doctor did tell him not to take ibuprofen or advised him against it, it's probably for the protection of his kidneys. A couple of doses every now and then is perfectly fine.

  2. my husband has never had a problem with it but we normal use a script that is stronger and gental on the kidneys.