Monday, February 16, 2009

Yesterday & Today

Pretty lazy days =)

For you out there that dont know Michael is a big movie prop collector/builder and he loves loves loves ghostbusters.. well yesterday he started on his 3rd proton pack for halloween..
he put parts on and did all the stuff that Michael does with it. So between iv's, treatments, proton pack building and cooking our day was simple, lazy but busy in our Kellee Michael way =)



He claims this is how exausting workin on the pack was LOL


Odviously Pooch became worn out from watching us clean up and goof off.. This is how I found his sneaky self lastnight ( hes knows hes not allowed on the table ) (( He thinks just because hes on a place mat its ok )


Today was day 2 of proton building for Michael and Re order medicine day for me. I spent 3 hours re ordering all oral meds, iv meds and home iv goodies ( new line and port caps ) and even set up an appt. for someone to come reaccess M tomorrow ( Im still to scared to do it ) I caught up all our laundry from the hospital and did my typical everyday cleaning ( dust, vacumn blah blah )

When I got up this moring I noticed one of my flowers M got me


was opening up really pretty!! And all through the day its opened up more and more!!

Photobucket & Photobucket

I know Im a dork Im just so excited! Its so pretty! lol

Anyway after my cleaning and flower pictures I helped Michael paint layer one on the pack =) It was messy fun! Now I get to go help him get all the paint out of his leg and arm hairs, nose and eyebrow without getting his needle wet woooo!


I think hes done with pictures today lol



PS: Heres my flower now =)


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  1. I once had a bunny named duckie but he wan't as sassy as Pooch! Were looking in to getting a pug because i love how they sound like little pigs when they breath.

    what a good girl you are to do all your CF cleaning! I'm going to give you a Gold star.

    Camp sounds AMAZING! I'll email you and you can tell me more about it. I have to track when "the rushins are coming" for IUI so as long as it's not in the middle we should be able to make the trip. We live in bowling green KY but were from Tampa FL. We just moved here to go to WKU.

    I'll send that email in a couple ours when I'm done studying for my logic class.