Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Michael

Michael here doing some Michael facts since Kellee asked me to 5 days ago.

1. Names Michael
2. 24
3. Born in Cleveland OH
4. Adopted and raised in Mobile AL
5. Diagnosed with CF at 4 months
6. I have a CF free twin sister
7. Im the biggest ghostbusters fan ever
8. Kellee is a big part of me being as healthy as I am
9. I drive a Delorean back to the future style
10. I know every song from the 50's to the 80's thanks to my mom
11. Heres my medicine list
Zithromax 500 mg. M-W-F
Lexapro 10mg BID
Plaquin 500mg BID
Naproxen 500mg BID
Sulfasalazine 500mg BID
Previcid 30mg in the A.M.
Enalipril 2.5
Uniphyl 500mg at night
Vitamin E
Pancrease MT16 10 with meals 7 with snacks
Humalog 1 unit per 10 carbs so really ALOT
Lantus 37 units at night
Albuterol TID
Pulmozyme BID
7% TID
Advair 2 puffs BID

12. Kellee makes me do the vest and I hate it. I like manual cpt and she does it but still makes me do the vest. grrr
13. I wear it 3 times a day for 30-40 mins.
14. I only drink fat free milk and water
15. My parents took prime care of me and got me where I am today.
16. 15 years of Karate has helped me stay alive.
17. Im a movie guru and even watch chick flicks.
18. I was my CF doctors very 1st patient. I met him when he was a resident doctor driving a clunker car. He now owns a boat, a BMW and a island thanks to me. Haha.
19. I hav had 10 sinuse surgeries. The 10th was insane. The cut open my forehead and removed a piece of skull so they could make a "drain hole"
20. I work the sound system at my church.
21. Im a Taurus and yes Im very stubborn just ask Kel
22. I build movie props.
23. I have crazy curly hair and if I dont keep it short it grows into a fro.
24. I just stated 24 facts about me.

Ok so here you have some facts to go behind this incredible M person Kel bloggs about way to much.


  1. Holy cow you take a lot of insulin. 7 units per 10 carbs is insane. And I thought I was bad off... LOL.

    You build movie props? How cool is that. And how nice of you to give your doctor so many toys and luxuries. :)

  2. I don't know about the insulin like Christy, but Holy Cow...10 enzymes with every meal!!! WOW!! I bet you can swallow them all at once too, huh?!?! ;)

    Thanks for posting this, I didn't know all that.

  3. Altho I'm not a car buff, I'd love to see a pic of your car.

    Wow, I have CF and I haven't even heard of half the stuff you are taking!

    Which Karate style do you do? My son is in his 2nd year of Shito Ryu. What belt do you have? (See you didn't give us enough information!)

  4. This comment is for Gracie and Josh...I know she will look at your blog soon probably, and I tried to leave this comment on their blog, but the word verification just kept saying "Loading". So here is my comment for them (Sorry Kellee and M for invading;)...

    Sheesh...did you have to share that part of the movie???? That was gross!!! was nice hearing from the boys today(Josh and Michael). If only Lil' Chris could type...or talk in sentences for that matter;) LOL

    I'll have to remember that blanket story for Lil' Chris when he gets older...only without the gruesome video;) LOL
    Thanks for posting,

  5. Yes I guess every one knows I'm a kellee stalker! It crazy how she feels like my best friend and we have never even talked just texted. It's way crazy how much our CFers are alike though, Joshua's twin sister Kaleesha is CF free as well. Truthfully though josh won't come with in five feet of fat free milk he says it might as well be water!