Sunday, February 15, 2009

Special post for Graciy

Hey girl..
Here is some pictures of Michaels port.
In these pics he is "accessed" meaning he has a needle in the actual port for his iv's. You only get accessed when you are getting iv's. When the round of iv's are done ( 14 days ) the needle comes out and the only part left is a round ( about quarter size ) port under the skin



They put tegaderm ( that big tape thing ) around it to keep germs off the site.
The white thing in the center is the needle and of course the line coming off the needle is the line for the iv's to run in.

This is how it looks just accessed with out the iv' running in.

close up


Here is where you plug in the iv.

all hooked up.

The next set of pictures is when he is not accessed. Ignore the drawings and color all over him we were being silly =)

I really dont beat him.. The bruise is from insulin =(

You cant tell he even has a port when hes not accessed..


I hope this helped =)
Michael has had a port since he was 7 since then he had it removed and a larger one put in since he had grown lol.
He said he never remembers it hurting, but some of our cf friends ( only 1 actually ((adam)) ) said it hurt when he got accessed for the first few times. You have the option of putting numbing cream (emma cream ) on the skin before they access you but like I said everyone except adam said they dont feel it.



  1. Thnk you SO much, you're a sweet heart! Joshua and I were reading and couldn't stop laughing. M seemed a okay with you pulling up his shirt and snaping away! Truthfully it was very helpful. It never stops amazing me how diffrent CF can be for eveyone. Your a great wife btw.

    None of Joshua's doctors have ever expressed a need for a port but I can see how much easier it must make life.

    For some odd reason Josh won't eat bread noodles or anything starchy with out graves. which makes him a poop.

    I read about the salt water humidifier in an older blog. How is that going?

  2. OK so i can't tell if the port just looks like a third nipple or is that the real deal. I feel like a tard but I have to know!

    I think crazy out going comes with CF. Last time Josh had surgery he kept asking the doctors to snuggle with him because the meds made him "grapply"... some times I wonder.

    Btw you would be so proud of me! Tonight during Joshua second dinner (yes we have second dinner around 8)I feel like a hobbit. I look two slices of bread and smothered them with tomato sauce. He still put up a fight but in the end he ate it. I will make him a blimp just wait and see!

    I asked Josh and he said he would give the salt water thinga ma bob a try. He coughs a lot all ready so it can't hurt. does M like his? Do you have to put salt in it or what?

  3. WOW I guess the hot pink nipple was just so darn distracting I couldn't really tell. It looked kind of like a stopper for a bath tub...

    Last time Josh got a pic line it was super nasty and a big pain in the butt to deal with. I like this idea much better now that I know he won't have a flamboyant third nipple :) Is he able to take IVs instead of oral meds more often without going to the hospital?

    Yummy ice cream! Please tell me I'm not the only one that has gained over 10 pounds when I married my CFer.

    It was super sweet for you to offer your salty thingy for us to try out! If you would like we can reimburse you for it. Those things can't be cheap. I think I just broke the one he has now. I left it on for two days straight and now it's not working... I'm sure it's my fault because Joshy would never do any of his treatments if I didn't entertainingly nag.
    PS =)Now I’m the one that feels special! Truthful Josh is the only one in our city with CF so until I started blogging I only had his mom for advice and some things she would rather me not say ; / Josh’s older brother also has CF and when they were young they went to CF camp but all the friends they made have passed on. I don’t mean to get all bleeding heart on you now, you and I both know that the treatment for CF is 10 times better then it was 10 – 15 years ago and you got a fatty! Well as fat as CFers can get. Josh is just a prospect fatty right now.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the good info, and thanks Michael for letting Kellee take all the pics:) Visual aids work best for me;)

    Since my son is so little, I read about picc and ports all the time, but never really understand what they are or what they look like or how they work. I hope you continue to explain and show pics like these, so that people like me can learn:)

  5. I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Graciy's Mother-in-Law. Josh's Mom. I LOVE this blog that you and Grace have going. I wish they had this when my boys were young! And honestly, I don't mind her talking to me about ANYTHING! I think it's Grace that is embarassed to talk about some things. I'm a very open person. I'll talk about anything.