Thursday, February 19, 2009


I havent been blogging long but Christy ( wonderful blogger lady ) had the idea to do a quick catch up so heres mine/Michaels.

The names Kellee (Michael)
♥ Belongs to Michael, a 24 y/o CF patient
I love with my whole heart.. not half
We have a cancer cat named Pooch and a un trainable puppy named Titus
Just bought our 1st house
Children of God
Destin to find a cure and raise awarness
and last but not least VERY much in LOVE =)

This blog is nothing more than our memories our ups and our downs.
We are here to meet wonderful people, learn as much as we can and share what we know.
If you want our whole in detail story you can look in the Jan. 2009 tab. Our 1st post is allllll about us =)

Happy reading


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  3. I'm so glad you played catch up, and I did go back and read your post at the beginning of January. I can't believe the doc came out and said that to you and then went right back in. How devastated you must have been. I know it's harder on you spouses, and on the parent's of CFers than it is us who are sick.
    Michael is so blessed to have you! What a great caregiver you are. :)

  4. Thank you for going to good sites to find the info I needed for Josh. I am sory if it made anyone a little worried about the validty of you blog but i really need to know the stuff you posted. And if I were to be doing the googling myself i wouldn't of had luck! J and I love you guys!