Monday, February 9, 2009


We are FINALLY all moved in!! As in COMPLETLY!! yay!
Its very quite and nice here and so far we love it!

Happy Birthday Cream!!

We have had a pretty good week, besides moving we had dinner with Cream Photobucket (Michaels dad) for his birthday Photobucket, we went grocery shopping and watched more Jason movies =/.

Michael has been on his Colistin (aersol) for 2 1/2 weeks now and there is not much diffrence.. Hes not coughing as much but his energy is still not where it normally is. Still getting up some pretty nasty stuff =(. We have an appt. with Sindel (pulmonary doc) on the 16th and I have a feeling we will be going in.
He has however kept his insanely good appetite and even made some awesome bananna pudding in our new kitchen =). Photobucket



Photobucket OK OK I get it.. enough with the pics!!
Hes almost finished his bactrum and we will keep working with the colistin along with exercising at karate and see if we can avoid a hospital stay right now. Keep your fingers crossed and continue with the prayers.

Titus has become an outside puppy because he cant seem to learn how to potty outside =( maby as he gets older he will learn. Pooch Photobucket however is loving having the house all to himself.



  1. Praying for Michael's cough to get better:)
    PS. Love the kitchen!! Are you going to give us a house tour??? =)

  2. Your new house seems lovely! Almost as lovely as the kitty.