Sunday, February 1, 2009

Salt Air Purifier for CF

Ok so a few post ago I told you about the salt air purifier I found and I told you I would let you know how it worked out... I dusted and vacumed our room (did all the detailed cf cleaning..blinds, baseboards etc) and put the air purifier on our night stand on Michaels side of the bed and turned it on medium. I keep our door closed and only open it to go in and out and keep the purifier on all the time.
So Michaels feedback on it is..
"I love it, I feel like I can breathe better. I can tell a huge diffrence in the air in my room."
"I sleep better and now when I spit its more like water than mud."
Guess thats a cf statement.

Kellees feedback
"The air feels clean and it has cut out alot if Michaels "crackles". He does not have to strain so hard to get "stuff" up"

Pooch as seems to like it also he now spends 12-14 hours of his day sniffing under our door. And instead of sleeping in the window he sleeps outside of our bedroom on the floor.

Anyway here is the link if you want to check it out



  1. That is so funny!! I have talked about the same salt air purifier on my blog before, and I also linked it to the same site:) LOL Great minds think alike I guess:)
    I'm glad to hear that it works. We already have an air purifier and I'm not sure what would happen if we got the salt one and kept it in Lil' Chris' room.
    Keep us updated,

  2. Yay us we are wonderful!!!

    So afr its been great for us but I will make sure to let everyone know.

    Oh yea CONGRATS!!!!! shes beautiful!!

  3. Thanks, Kellee! I knew I had seem something about the air purifier on a blog, but honetly, I read so many, I forgot which one! I will keep doing research, but will probably get one sometime soon. Thanks & let me know is M continues to like it. :o)