Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emergency Post =(

My poor Pooch is sick... v ery very sick.. Hes at the vet right now.
For the past few days hes been coughing like he had a hair ball so we forcefully gave him his hair ball treatment but he didnt get any better =(. This am he was standing by our front door and coughed really hard and just flopped over.. I ran and picked him up and he was just limp =( so I went to open the door to call M ( he was outside watching a guy move that awful ugly big yellow dumpster out of our yard finally ) and pooch started meowing so I just sat down with him and for those of you who know Pooch personally you know he does NOT sit with me EVER ( well if I have temptations he will ) I can pick him up and pet him but as soon as he relizes its me he runs to M.. He always has.. anyway so I put him in my lap and he just layed there.. instantly I knew something was bad wrong. M & I always do this thing where if poo jumps in my lap I take his face and go "Hey its me the female" and he always goes right to M when I say that, so i said it and he just laid there anyway as if that was not enough to alarm me his breathing was horrid!! He sounded just like a CFer when they are bleeding in their lungs ( for you non cfers it sounds like your gargling but from the lungs not just your throat and mouth ) so I called the vet and they said bring him in asap. Of course I have not had a shower yet since I have been doing M's iv's and boiling the Eflow in between 4 aersols along with my daily vacuming dusting and sweeping off my sidewalk ( I know Im so OCD but a nurse is coming to our house at 1 and I cant very well ask her to take off her shoes so I just made the sidewalk as cleas as possible lol ) blah blah back to the original story... Jason took Poo to the vet and they said alot of fluid was collected in his lungs and they are doing a bunch of test.. They think it may be feline aids or feline leukemia.. which I really dont understand how since we paid a TON of money getting all his shots including the shots to prevent feline aids and leukemia.. Anyway please pray for my poochie.....

After all that writing he just got back from the vet and he does have feline leukemia =( hes has meds to take twice a day and he hates them... Its a nightmare trying to get them down him..



  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Is it something they can cure with the meds?

  2. I'm sorry he doesn't feel very good as Cindy said, can they cure it?