Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slimer did what?!?

What up blog lovies!!

The Perkins house hold is swell!
M feels great and has been spending 98% of his time playing the new Resident Evil 5. The other 2% has been spent trying to convince me he dont need to be doing a treatment.. Nice try bud..too bad it dont work. =)
A bit of some sinus problems coming on.. Im sure it has something to do with the splendid weather here in Bama.. woo.. Hes also having a bit of trouble with the Rheumatoid Arthritis but I think its because we had a stupid issue with the pharmacy and he ended up missing 2 doses of Naproxen.. Let me vent a bit on this pharmacy isssue! We get 90 day supplies of M's meds for odvious reasons and we always get them from the same people he has used for 14 years.. well 3 weeks before he ran out of meds I put in the order for the new ( it takes 7-10 days to come in )12 days go by and no meds so I call well they tell me "You have a $27.00 balance so we have your order on hold" Really?!?!? 27 bucks?? 14 years of being loyal!!! uhhh.
So I call in a 30 day refill of Naproxen to the local pharmacy because that was the only one we were almost out of and couldnt wait on.. We drive to the local pharmacy pull up to the window and I ask for the script.. Do you know what the lady comes back and tells me?? "Im sorry this cant be refilled until May 2009"
WHAT?!? so it clicks for me that the 90 supply is showing up but I dont have the 90 supply so.... anyway to wrap this up we had to go to the RA doctor and get him to call the local pharmacy and explain..Im sure he didnt call the nurse did ( better put that so my blog stalker dont accuse me of making this story up.. we all know doctors dont do middle man work.) So Naproxen is here and hopefully in a few days M's shoulder will feel better.

M was so sweetly trying to cook me some mac & cheese and after 30 mins he asked me why he didnt here the water boiling yet (no he was not checking to see if it was boiling he was way to busy playing resident evil) so I went to see why it was not boiling and this is what I saw
He didnt find it near as funny as I did!

In Slimer news...
Slimer decided he didnt approve of M & I being gone to run errands so long ( 2 hours ) so he DESTROYED the living room.
He ate the candles, the remote, drank the liquid from the air freshner thingy, chewed up M's play station controller ( I caught hell for that 1 ), ate the albuterol chamber, chewed up my very fav. blanket ( the only cashmere thing I owned )and then decided to take a nice big crap right in front of the door!! Thank you Slimer. Since my last post he has destroyed 4 new toys including the Kong toys that do in fact have a guarantee thats says no destruction ( Thanks for the advice blog ladies they did live longer than the other toys ) a base ball and his 1st leash.
We have decided to stud him out and he really seems to be liking that lol! His very fav. thing to do is join you in the shower.. he jumps right in and sits down.. and he dont mind at all if you soap him up and scrub away! He will just sit, grunt and snort the whole time. He dont even care if you blow dry him! Strange but we ♥ him BIG! Even tho he hands down has the worst gas EVER!!
Despite how angry I was I did find humor in the fact that he only chewed off the power button!! What good does a remote do with no power button?!

Ok so this week has been "lets see what all can go wrong for Kellee week"
Besides the above problems and destruction of the house the dryer caught on fire, the washer flooded the utility room ( I blame slimer, the hose had been chewedd up ) and the dishwasher broke. As if thats not enough I (after 2 years) went and got a eye exam (If you know me personally you know Im blind as a bat.. if you dont know me personally let me tell you just how bad it know that big black E on the bored when you do your eye exam?? yea I cant see that!) and got to order some new contacts.. I asked if I could get some to sleep in mainly for hospital stays ( it really sucks needing to get up in a hurry and running in to every thing while keeping in mind M may be hooked up so watch out for IV lines ) and they told me about some new ones that let more oxygen in to your eye so they dont dry when you sleep in them.. Yay so I got a sample of them ( so excited ) popped them in and guess what?!?! My eyes dont like them!! Nope not at all..But do I have a regular pair to put in? NO!! They wont be for 2 more weeks! So I get to walk around rolling my eyes and squinting.. Not to mention it looks like Im looking through a bubble! Everythings big and kinda funny looking.

So to wrap up this stupidly long blog post we are all good, new washer and dryer, dishwasher fixed, perscriptions are in and I cant see! Going to clean the yard and laugh at M pretending to go back to the future =D

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  1. Wow, you have such a boring life! NOT!!!!

    I think Slimer needs to go into a crate when you can't watch him, especially when you go out. My dogs did the same stuff when we first had them and we started crating them while we were out or unable to watch them for long spells. We'd give them a hard bone to gnaw on and that's about it. Then after a few weeks we'd leave them loose for very short runs (going for milk type thing) and if they did okay we'd continue that for a while and eventually they became crate free. But I think Slimer needs that. You'll go broke at the rate he's going!

    Glad the meds and appliances are all straightened out!

    M, do your treatments like a good boy!

  2. I am not all to sure that stupidly is a word but it is way cute.

    Sorry about all the stuff the dogg ate!:o) I told you should have got a pug... but a pug never would be able to jump in the shower with you...legs are to stubby!

    I am glad I am not the only on with a super dorky hubby that likes geeky things and fights about doing his treatment. I would wish it on anybody :0)

  3. ya so i just wrote a super long post and it didnt even save!!! gerr!!

    Didn't I tell you to get a pug? But I guess a pug couldn't jump it to the shower with you...stubby legs ya know!

    Also I am glad I am not the only one with a super geekky hubby would wont do his vest because we wan't to play super hero. I would wish it on anyone...thats right you read me... I mean it too!

    Sorry your blind I'll have to talk to the man up stairs for you on that one.

  4. oh now I see! you have to aprove them. dont i feel like a poop.... so which one are you going to should do the one that has the least typos

    I'm guessing this is because you have a super creepy stalker that pretends to be 20 diffrent people. I had to creepy guys follow me around walmart to night till an old lady noticed and almost pursed was really funny they had to be like 15

  5. Seriously? The Mac & Cheese incident HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

    Slimer is naughty! There are toys made out of fire hoses that are suppose to be O so very strong try those.

    I am glad he is ok after he ate all that crap... geez glad the albuterol didn't blow up on him. I have been lucky the babies don't chew things! Lilly is my naughty one and she will sometimes get into stuff she isn't suppose to.

  6. PS Graciy my pugs love the shower and bath and they love to jump right in :)